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Geriatric Dentistry

In addition to the medical advances that have enabled people to live longer and healthier lives, dental advances have resulted in the preservation of healthy dentition in later years. With the increase in retention of natural dentition, more elderly persons are being seen in dental practices regularly with a desire to maintain their oral health. The older patient frequently presents a variety of treatment scenarios during dental care that need to be addressed by an experienced practitioner.

Dr. Brand has spent several years working directly with the elderly population through senior support systems, and has extensive knowledge of the complex medical and dental challenges that the elderly can encounter.

Issues such as

· Periodontal health

· Dry mouth (xerostomia)

· Brittle teeth

· Diet and nutrition as related to oral health

· Cosmetic challenges

· Denture comfort

· Medication side effects that lead to degradation of teeth, gums and mouth.

· Reduced levels of growth and repair for all normal tissues due to aging

As a multi-faceted practitioner, Dr. Brand can address these concerns in a caring and thorough manner so that a positive outcome is assured.

For more insights, please read our blog: Geriatric Dentistry


Really nice lady and wonderful staff. The most pleasant dental experience I have had in my life. I got a mercury amalgam filling removed from Dr. Brand, and did not feel anything. I am a very nervous person, but this place is very calming.

Vanessa L. -Yelp

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